Alumni: Fred (Freddy) Bullock

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  • Thanks Tess…it was all down to you after I read your book!. Like you I felt I had a happy childhood, and CCGS played a significant part of that, even ‘tho I significantly failed to appreciate what others were trying to do to help, educate and develop me.

    By Fred Bullock (17/11/2015)
  • Fred, you have a real gift for writing – what a witty and amusing account of your school days. It seems like only yesterday that we were huddled round the stove in Hut 2,, with the wind whistling through the gaps in the wall and awaiting the Bosses deliberate footsteps looming ever nearer to a dreaded maths lesson.
    We didn’t do badly for two pupils who were in the ‘could do better’ category!

    By Tess Taylor (17/11/2015)

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