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'Best All Round'

Matthew Cox, who became Head Master at Easter 1913, instituted the School Captain and Prefect system during that year.  It appears to have been well-received, judging from the report of the Annual Prize giving later that year.   The Evesham Journal reported his speech in 1915:

Matthew Cox, Headmaster

Matthew Cox, Headmaster

“.. the responsibility [of maintaining standards] falls perhaps more upon the prefects and senior pupils than upon any other members of the school. We expect them to be the very personification of loyalty and public spirit, of unswerving principles, to be absolutely impartial, to check the strong and uphold the weak, to have an undivided interest in the welfare of the school – in a word to cultivate just such attributes as are fully expected of us as members of the staff. The office of prefect affords splendid opportunities for the formation of character, so, you prefects, see to it that none of you are found wanting…..The ‘Best All Round’ prizes, decided by vote of pupils and staff:- Upper School, Drewett, travelling bag and razor (presented by the Rev. Owen F. Jacson); M. Wyatt, wristwatch (presented by the Hon. Mrs Jacson); Lower School: Sheldon ‘Heroic Lives (presented by the Headmaster); Southorn ‘Famous Men’ (presented by the Headmaster)

In 1916 the ‘Best All Round’ prizes went to Such and E M Pringle; a separate report in the Evesham Journal, ‘From a correspondent’, stated:

“Southorn has received his prefect’s badge; and there are rumours that the two other prefects may even obtain their blue. On the girls’ side, E.M. Pringle, the only prefect at present, and K. A. Ellis were naturally appointed heads of Fereby and Hicks respectively, but why this delay in increasing the number of holders of the prefecture?”

Mr & Mrs Cossens with prefects c.1917

Mr & Mrs Cossens with prefects c.1917

The Evesham Journal reported in full detail Speech Day 1917. As part of his speech the Headmaster, Mr. Cox, said:

“… The ‘Best All Round’ prizes for conduct, public spirit , school work, and games, decided by vote, were carried off by Ellis and F. Waring. The pupils selected by the first vote were Ellis, Sheldon, Leech (i) F. Waring, N. Minett and N. Warmington. Last year’s winner was ineligible. Working as we do very much upon public school lines, a very great responsibility rests upon the head of the school, the prefects and at times upon the senior pupils; it is for them by their general bearing to maintain carefully discipline and tone; in them we look for absolute loyalty, courtesy, discretion, self-restraint and character. It is to Ellis, a boy bearing in marked degree these attributes, to whom I shall ask your Lordship to present the badge of office as head of the school for the current year, and M.M. Wyatt will have a similar honour as head of the girls’ side.”

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