A. L. Jones 1951 - 1976

Mr A. L. Jones MA MC was headmaster from 1951 to 1976.

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  • Of course he knew that he was called The Beak, and The Boss! He was nobody’s fool and knew much more about us than we suspected. He was a superb Head and a champion of the Comprehensive ideal, although he was highly sceptical to begin with. I recall a campaign against the idea of amalgamating the Grammar and Secondary schools, as my father was deeply involved with it and I am sure ALJ was as well. However, The Boss could see the writing on the wall and threw himself heart and sole into the the new world of comprehensive education. I can remember parties visiting the school to see how a model comprehensive works, and of course his leadership was at the heart of it. I was in the last year of grammar school intake, and was very happy when I was reunited with my friends that went to Moreton. We had weekly lessons with The Boss called GTKY – Getting To Know You- and he did. He knew every pupil by name and a lot about our background. Feared , yes to a certain extent. I had a challenging relationship with him. “Ian can be infuriatingly bumptious and smug” – Boss’s comment on my University application form which I saw when we occupied the Uni Admin block one year ( Ah, those were the days!). How right he was! “Ian assures me that he knows what he is doing. We can only hope that he does.” Comment form my last 6th form report. I didn’t. I have no idea where my head was then but it wasn’t focused on A Levels. However, it all turned out all right in the end, and that is a testament to the efforts that the Boss went to through those wonderful school years. Thank you Boss.

    By Ian Elliott (04/02/2017)
  • Mr Jones was respected and feared but I have always wondered if he knew he was called ‘The Beak’!

    By Aline Huntly (25/08/2016)

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