Speech Day 1910

A report in the Parish Magazine January 1911

transcribed by Mary Fielding

“We are indebted for the following report to the Evesham Journal:-


The Michaelmas term was closed on Monday last with an entertainment by the pupils which consisted of a fairy play called “Elsa and the Trolls” by Helen Skipton, and to this was attached a more informal presentation of prizes than has been usual.  The Town Hall was filled with parents and friends invited by the Head Master, Mr. F. B. Osborne, and the visitors showed their appreciation of the efforts of the youthful players by frequent and hearty applause.  The credit for the production of the play and the success of the players is entirely due to the Hon. Mrs. Jacson who had kindly undertaken the whole of the coaching of the pupils, and the necessary details of dress, etc.  By permission of the Head Master the play was repeated in the evening, when a small charge was made for admission to the hall, and Mrs Jacson announced that the proceeds would be given to the Nursing Association.

At the fall of the curtain the Rev. O. F. jacson took the chair in the absence of the chairman of the Governors (Col. the Hon. A. B. Bathurst, M.P.), and immediately called on Mr. Osborne for his annual statement of progress.  The Head Master said that since the last meeting further changes had taken place, the new scheme was now in force, and although this had not affected the work to any large extent, inasmuch as these changes had been anticipated, the governing body was much altered and enlarged, and representatives from all the local elected bodies were now found upon it.  There was no Examiner’s report this year inasmuch as they had in place of the examination a full dress inspection by the Board of Education.  Mr. Osborne then mentioned the successes at public examinations, given below, specially calling attention to the winning of the Townsend Scholarship by Godfrey Davies.  This scholarship, which is of the annual value of £100 for four years, is attached to this school in turn with three others, and the conditions are now of so difficult a nature that is is nearly 40 years since a pupil from this school was successful in winning it.

The Chairman then, in an excellent address, pointed out to the audience how the Head Master by his perseverance had kept the doors open when the income was small, and it was difficult for the governors to meet the requirements of modern ideas of Secondary Education, when so many others of the smaller country grammar schools had been obliged to give up the contest; but now the corner was turned; by various methods the income had been increased to the point when a claim could be made on the Board of Eduction for the Block Grant of £250, and this was now conceded.  The Governors were therefore now able not only to further equip the new rooms provided twelve months ago according to modern ideas, but also to strengthen the staff, and give an education which was equal to the demands of the times and the requirements of the Board of Education.  He hoped therefore the residents of the town and neighbourhood would give their support to an institution which was of so much importance to the district, and of which the tone as he knew from personal observtion and an intimate acquaintance with many of its pupils was in every way excellent.  Neither did he see that this need in any way be detrimentally affected by the introduction of the Free Schools, rather he looked upon it as a glorious chance for thos elementary scholars who were fortunate enough to gain admission, to imitate others who had had better opportunities of advancement in after life which only education can give.

List of prizes:-  The Payne-Smith Prize for Divinity, Nora Vinn; ditto, for Mathematics, Stuart E. Stokes;  the Rev. F. S. Forster’s Prize for Latin, Alec W. Osborne; the Rev. Canon Corfe’s Prize, English, Nora Vinn; Form Prize, IV.-III., 1st, Nora Vinn; ditto, 2nd, A. Osborne; ditto, II., 1st Willets Horne; ditto, 2nd, Ada Bricknell; ditto, I., 1st J. Jones; ditto, 2nd, A. B. Williams; Mathematics, Div. A. – B., S. Stokes; ditto, 2nd, W Warmington; ditto, C., Betty Horne; ditto, 2nd, H. Timms.  Successes at Public Examinations, 1910; Godfrey Davies, Matriculation, London University; Godfrey Davies, Responsions, Oxford University; Godfrey Davies, Additional Subjects for Responsions, Oxford University; Godfrey Davies, the Townsend Scholarship, Pembroke College, Oxford; Stuart Stokes, Matriculation, London University; Nora Vinn, Oxford Local Exams., Junior, 3rd Honours, Distinction in Geography; Willets Horne, Free Scholarship, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham.”

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