Leavers' antics

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    Helen Jones

    One of the most vivid memories I have of school was what the departing sixth form got up to in, I think, summer 1969. On arrival at the main doors the first thing pupils saw was underwear flying from the flagpole. Then on entering through the main doors we were staggered to see a Mini car inside. Apparently this had been carried in through the double doors of Central Block (East Block end) and brought along the length of the Central Block corridor before being deposited in the Entrance Hall. I also heard (but didn’t actually see) that the swimming pool had been filled with balloons. Am I right about the year? Did anything else happen then? I am sure there must be a few other stories about that day and would love to see them.

    Mary Fielding (Ellis)

    I left school in 1968 and, sadly, missed the last day of school because I had left early to take up a summer job. I regret it to this day! (The job was rubbish) I heard afterwards about the various antics that the departing sixth formers – well, the boys anyway – got up to and what you say sounds familiar. I certainly know that something was attached to the flagpole. In fact, most of my memories of school are of tricks we played and how appalling we were to certain teachers. Most of it doesn’t bear repeating!

    The sixth form common room was, firstly, Miss David’s old office, off the main corridor of the old school towards the far end. Various old armchairs and bits of furniture were put in there and one memory is of playing ‘off ground tag’ over the furniture. The common room was later transferred to one of the houses facing Cider Mill Lane that had been built for the groundsman and other staff, and it was our refuge. We had a radio and used to ‘Listen with Mother’ at 1.45 (I think) and then have to race back to the main building for the first afternoon lesson at 2.00pm. Giving us free run of a house like that was a recipe for disaster and within a year it had been vandalised by exuberant 6th form boys.

    Richard Jones

    Hi Helen. I think you are right with 1969. My understanding was that the mini had been carried in through the main front doors on its side so it would fit through.

    A couple of years later Andy Doran, Bernie Moor and I tried a similar stunt by pushing Ron Humpstons old tractor up from the back of East Block and chaining it to the flagpole. Unfortunately very few people admired our efforts because Mr Jones always got to school early and had it removed before anyone arrived.


    I left in 1970 and I Heard that last year was so out of control but sadly I missed it due to illness and having a big head.

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