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    Mary Fielding

    Does anyone remember the production of ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ that Joan Lewis produced, I think probably in 1967 or ’68? Sally Tyson was ‘Grusha’ and I played the Cook and I think William Hartley was Azdak plus a huge cast. It was very dramatic and political and quite unusual for a school production. Are there any photos of the productions that Joan Lewis did? They were brilliant.

    Ian Elliott

    I think that I have a programme and certainly some photos somewhere. I will dig them out. I was the Corporal, and Julian Williams played Blockhead.

    Mary Fielding

    Excellent – well done Ian! I look forward to seeing them.


    I have uploaded a copy of the programme and three photos, which hopefully will soon appear in the school play section of the archive.


    Online now! Thanks Ian brilliant pics.

    Alexander Fuller

    there is paradox that I have seen in the office of ,on the easter sunday the people of Grusinia gather to celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus ,but on the other handy the governer ends up being beheaded

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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