Rival Houses Hold Gymnasium Contest - April 1915.

Copied by Tess Taylor from Evesham Journal

The Grammar School.- On Friday last the girls of the rival houses of Fereby and Hicks held their gymnasium contest in the school hall. The first item was a series of exercises, with which after overcoming the initial nervousness, no fault could be found, each pupil acquitting herself with precision and accuracy. One of the most striking events was the high jump, in which K. Shelley and N. Round both cleared four feet, and A. Marsh came just under. In the salt-weighing, J. Page and J. Baldwin proved a particularly well balanced couple.., and their display evoked great admiration. M. Badger proved distinctly superior in the wrist grip, in which M. Wyatt was second, the latter was also first in one of the most enacting exercises, prone falling. In the crab walk D. Marsh easily surpassed all competitors. The contest finally resulted in victory for Fereby House which gained 62 points to Hicks’ 49, while the silver memento given by the Headmaster, went to K. Shelley, who alone contributed 23 points to the total of her house. M. Wyatt was placed second for her score. In the house competitions Fereby again took first place with a final score of 49 to Hicks’33. After the announcement of the results, Mrs. New, a lady governor kindly presented the colours to the winners in both houses. In spite of the very limited periods devoted to drill, some wonderful results were shown, and Miss Fenton is to be congratulated not only upon these results but upon the enthusiasm displayed, and the excellent promise for the future. Appended are a few verses sent in for the house competition by two pupils.

The House of Fereby

There is no house like Fereby,

We put the Hicks in shade.

At Friday’s contest should we win,

Our laurels after will fade.

But if they got the best of us,

They would do if they could.

We’ll take our beating with a cheer,

As  Ferebians should.

We’ll strive in lessons and in sport,

Until we get the cup

And once we get it in our hands,

We’ll never give it up.

Then strive hard noble Fereby,

With all your might and main,

Let’s do or best, our very best,

To grace our founder’s name.

The House of Hicks,

Sir Baptist Hicks, his name we hold,

Who helped the school in need,

And all the Hicks will follow him

In act and word and deed.

The Hicks  of course will hold their own

And fight through thick and thin’

They swell with pride and loyalty

And always mean to win.

So Hicks arise, uphold your house,

And fight with might and main;

 But if at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try again.

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