Grammar School Sports, July 1912

A report in the Parish Magazine

transcribed by Mary Fielding

Boys, possibly Sports Day 1913

“These sports, which have been in abeyance for some years, were revived on Tuesday under the able direction and superintendence of Mr. T. Davies, the assistant master, and were held in the school playing field.  Mr. F. B. Osborne (the headmaster) acted as president, and was supported by Major Walsh, Mr. A.F. Wrigley, and Mr. P. Woodroffe as judges, Dr. Dewhurst as referee, the Rev. J.D. Thomas, B.A., as starter, and Mr. W.G. Coulton as clerk of the course.  Unfortunately rain fell so heavily when the programme was partly gone through that the remainder stood over for the following day.  Great interest was taken in the proceedings by the inhabitants of Campden and by the pupils’ parents and friends, and given that the weather had been propitious there would no doubt have been a large attendance.  As it was, the competitors showed true sporting instincts, and there were several close finishes.  At the conclusion of the sports the prizes, which had been carefully selected and were of considerable value, were presented by the Hon. Mrs. O. F. Jacson.  The donors to the prize fund included the Earl of Gainsborough, Capt. W. Cary-Elwes, the Rev. O.F. Jacson, Lawrence Johnson, Dr. Dewhurst, Drs. R.D.B. and J.B. Yelf, Major E. O. Skey, Messrs. A.E. Wrigley, F.B. Osborne, W.H. Welsh and others.

The following is a list of events with the winners:-  100 yards handicap (seniors): A.W. Osborne 1, S.W. Newsholme 2, R. Baldwyn 3. 100 yards handicap (juniors): Partridge 1. A. Jones 2, Grove 3.  Slow cycle race: Smith 1, Walker 2,  220 yards handicap (seniors): R. Baldwyn 1, E. Keen 2, Newsholme 3.  220 yards handicap (juniors): A Jones 1, J. Dunn 2, S. Thomas 3.  Throwing cricket ball ; R. Baldwyn 1, A. Osborne 2, W. Baldwyn 3.  High Jump (seniors) Keen 1, A. Osborne 2, W. Baldwyn 3.  440 yards handicap (seniors) :  Newsholme 1, E. Keen 2, R Baldwyn 3.  440 yardsd handicap (juniors): A. Jones 1, J. Dunn 2, S. Thomas 3.  Long Jump (Seniors) A. Osborne 1, R Baldwyn 2, W. Baldwyn 3.  High Jump (juniors): J. Dunn 1, Renfrew (i) 2, S. Thomas 3.  80 yards handicap (preparatory pupils); Richardson (ii) 1, Robbins 2.  Half mile handicap: E Keen 1, A. Osborne 2, Margetts 3.  Long Jump (juniors):  Renfrew (i) 1, J. Dunn 2, S. Thomas 3.  Sack Race: Renfrew (ii) 1, S. Thomas 2, Newsholme 3.  Hurdle race (seniors): A. Osborne 1, Newsholme 2, R Baldwyn 3.  Spoon and Potato race: Clarke 1, Newsholme 2, Willis 3.  Obstacle race: Williams 1, Margetts 2, J. Dunn 3.  Three-legged race: R. Baldwyn and W. Baldwyn 1, Newsholme and Righton 2, Williams and Margetts 3.  Tug-of-war, boarders v. day boys:  Day boys 1.  Egg and spoon race (girls): Miss Grimmitt 1, Miss Badger 2.”

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